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The other day it was pointed out to me that my one of my break lights were out. It turned out to be the passenger side break light. Literally the week before I received a $10 gift card in the mail from O’Reilly Auto. It must have been a sign from the automotive gods trying to tell me that something is about to go out.

I pulled up to O’Reilly’s and purchased the Sylvania Silverstar 3157 which comes with two bulbs for $9.99 but the stipulation on the gift card was that I needed to purchase $10 in order to use the $10 gift card, so I reached for the bulb grease and the grand total was $11.49 minus the $10 leaving $1.49. I ended up paying with the loose change in the phone holder near the shifter.

In order to remove the bulb housing you will need to drop the tailgate. Each bulb housing has two bolts and is 10 mm socket or you can use 13/32 socket.


Once you have removed both bolts you will need to pull the housing out with a little force.


The turn the bulb assembly counterclockwise.

Then simply replace the bulb, do a quick check an test the break lights to be safe, attach the assembly, attach the housing and lastly fasten the bolts.

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