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PowerShell (POSH) is an area in which I have not explored yet. Colin Smith (blog | twitter) and Zach Mattson (blog | twitter) both presented topics about POSH and unfortunately I could not attend either, but that’s a different story. Today I felt I needed to take a break from my certification studies and start getting familiar with Microsoft’s new scripting language.

We have a POSH user group here in Arizona which is appropriately called the Arizona PowerShell Users Group. Though I haven’t attended a meeting yet the subjects that are covered is nonetheless intriguing. Jason Helmick (blog | twitter) and Mike Pfeiffer (blog | twitter) are the officers of the user group and their blogs contain a lot of information on how to get started.

Using Jason’s example from his video post: QuickBit: Executing scripts in PowerShell I saw him execute a cool script that utilized the system speech and it literally spoke what he had written. I used the script editor and ran the following:

script syntax

$Speak=new-object System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer
$Speak.speak("SQL Saturday 47 Rocks!")

Another thing that Jason pointed out that I saw as really handy was the fact you can output the results to a grid view. Yeah a grid view!

script syntax

Get-Service | Out-GridView

The cool thing about output to grid is the fact that you have filtering capabilities and sorting. That’s a big win in my eyes!


I really dig command-line administration and I should have dove right into this but I didn’t. Now I need to begin my search for some good books and reference sites which Jason also refers to his video post: DrillBit: PowerShell books I keep. Hopefully I will have some scripts to post and come up with some ideas to help automate things. I’ll probably start with converting some of my old batch and VBS script first and go from there.

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